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DOC IT Foundation

Ovairan & Breast cancer awareness

This is my sister....Martha Casado

Co-Founder of Doc It Foundation

Martha with her daughter Crystal Vasquez

DOC IT Foundation was founded by Martha and Susan Casado, in 2006. One year after Martha was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. The mission was to reach as many women as possible and warn them about this fatal disease that would claim her own life three years later.

I humbly ask you to please join us, let's work together and spread the word, so that no one else has to feel the sorrow and emptiness I feel today and I am sure I will feel for the rest of my life.

It's been several years since her passing and Doc It is growing strong in her memory. I still feel like it was just yesterday I lost her. Her legacy and passion to help others gives me the strength to keep on going.

Martha enjoying some Dominican Cake

my sister, my best friend, my everything.

Doc It Foundation is devoted in continuing her legacy all

In Loving memory of

Martha Casado

07/29/57 - 11/04/08

Susan Casado

Martha fought as hard as she could to hang on to life, she wanted to be there for her children and her family but, unfortunately she passed away three years later. Ovarian Cancer for her came with resentment; in order to catch Breast Cancer in time we know that we must perform self breast exams and we have the option to go to a clinic for a screening test. In the same way, Martha would visit her gynecologists routinely and even complained about a lingering issue which she was told was a persistent urinary tract infection.

After her diagnosis she was faced with the cold hard truth, that there is NO specific screening test for ovarian cancer and this is the main factor that makes ovarian cancer so deadly, and diagnosis so devastating. So one year after diagnosis, she turned her resentment into passion and made it her mission to reach as many women as possible to warn them about this fatal disease that would claim her own life three years later.

Martha, wanted to help other women avoid what she had to go through by pushing the idea of supporting promising ovarian cancer research to develop a specific screening test for ovarian cancer. Martha passed away on November 4, 2008, but her will to live and her passion inspired everyone that met her.

Our team, HER TEAM, is committed to pursuing her dream, her last wish, and her legacy!!!

From left to right - Gisett Taveras, Susie Casado, Crystal Vazquez & Eva Peralta

"Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world...

Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead


"To create a butterfly effect around the world in an effort to inform women & girls on the dangers of ovarian & breast cancer"

  • Awareness: Build awareness around the world educating women on these fatal diseases.
  • Look Good Feel Good Project - #LGFGP; where we visit women during their chemo sessions and provide complimentary wigs and makeup makeovers. Just to put a smile on their faces.
  • Research: Partnering with FIU Research Project to detect ovarian cancer in time.
  • Help women with low resources that are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and cannot afford treatment.


We are a non-profit foundation and as a result, a high percentage of our business is based on your donations and referrals.

We want to welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and enable us to spread our wings, creating a butterfly effect around the world to encourage women of all ages to be aware of the silent whispers of Ovarian & Breast Cancer.

Our goal is to build awareness among women of all ages and around the world, to inform as many women as possible on the dangers of Ovarian & Breast Cancer, and how to take proper steps to prevent it from happening to them and their family.

We are committed to our community-families-and friends of those who are currently diagnosed with Ovarian or Breast Cancer.

Are you a woman? ....Then DOC IT!

Detect Ovarian Cancer In Time!

Join the movement

Donate online

or call (786) 514-6682